Alpha Jetman Blows the Doors of Possibility Wide Open


Meet Yves Rossy, JetMan. Rossy has earned that moniker for his astonishing work with a winged jetpack that enables him to take to the sky with the freedom of a bird.

Upon discovering this man’s work, we were scratching our heads once again: why isn’t the negative 24-hour news cycle celebrating innovators like this. There is barely anything on the web about this leap forward.

But that’s the point of our work here. As you know if you are a regular to this website, Ever Widening Circles is on a mission to propagate the notion that this is still an amazing world.

Every day we bring our growing global community one carefully fact-checked article about extraordinary insight and innovation. Rarely do we get the privilege of bringing you the work of a thought-leader whose work leaves us so speechless.



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