6 Word Press Design Trends In 2017


By knowing the latest design trends,in particular will put us in a great position to build a website that appeals to modern aesthetics and usability requirements.And this trends for our website will provide us with the tool we need to give it a distinct personality.

  1. SINGLE PAGE WEBSITES-Simplicity is the key to great usability; something that’s become a priority, given the wide range of devices people use to access the internet. Single-page websites are a popular WordPress design trend for companies and individuals specializing in a single product or service. Aside from being wonderfully straightforward, they’re particularly conducive to storytelling, and keeping visitors from getting distracted.
  2. DRAG-AND-DROP CONTENT -No longer are WordPress users tied to using specific layouts, thanks to the rising popularity of modular themes like our own Uncode . DRAG-AND-DROP content, in particular, enables you to retain complete control over most design elements without modifying your website’s underlying structure. Furthermore, these builders open up a world of possibilities for WordPress users without web development experience. If you can visualize it, chances are you can build it using one of these tools.
  3. PARALLAX SCROLLING-Parallax scrolling has been popular for some time, and it’s likely to remain a pervasive trend for the foreseeable future. It plays particularly well with single-page websites since it creates an immersive impression of depth. Some developers also claim that it increases engagement and reduces bounce rates, but these claims are difficult to prove. Either way, it’s impossible to deny that parallax scrolling – when used well – can make a WordPress website pop.
  4. MODULE-BASED THEMES– Many of today’s WordPress sites are composed of multiple modules and widgets spanning a mixture of advanced functions. Module-based themes enable you to call upon the functions you need, when you need them. They prevent ‘bloated’ pages and make for an intuitive design experience, especially when combined with drag-and-drop features.
  5. ADAPTIVE IMAGES – Uncode is part of a small but growing number of themes that support adaptive images,which enables images to automatically scale their dimensions depending on the enduser’s device. This inevitably makes for a better user experience.
  6. E-COMMERCE-SPECIFIC THEME -E-commerce businesses are increasing shifting towards WordPress, thanks to its design flexibility and the number of shopping-oriented themes available. In conjunction with a powerful plugin such as Woo Commerce a high-quality e-commerce-specific WordPress theme can provide a platform for online shopping destinations of huge size and scale.




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