Agriculture Sector Needs Evergreen Revolution


“Narenda Modi” on friday  invoked the vision of an ‘evergreen revolution’ in farm sector while exhorting the scientific and technological community to explore possibilities of creating agriculture clusters on the pattern of industrial clusters where different areas in the country can be identified with particular crops.The challenge in agriculture sector remains. We keep talking about green revolution-I and green revolution-II. But the goal should be ‘evergreen revolution’. We should have sustainable agricultural production and work towards removing regional imbalances.He was speaking after releasing a two-part book series on eminent agricultural scientist” M S Swaminathan “.

Titled ‘M S Swaminathan: The Quest for a World without Hunger’, one book details ’50 years of Green Revolution: An Anthology of Research Papers’ of the legendary scientist. The other book is called ‘M S Swaminathan: Legend in Science and Beyond’.Speaking about the “economic imbalance” among various regions of the country, the Prime Minister said this needs to be addressed because “the country cannot run for long with the imbalance”.The Prime Minister on the occasion also emphasised the need for moving from the concept of ‘food security’ to ‘nutrition security’, for which he favoured scientific and technological interventions. He said the potential of various regions of the country needs to be mapped and suggested integration of traditional system of farming with the scientific ways of agriculture.


Several Union ministers and agriculture scientists were present on the occasion.


“The success in agriculture needs to be extended to eastern India and scientific and technological interventions are required to make this a reality,” said Modi.



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