ASP.NET Trends For 2017


As we know has the best features and functionalities to help our business grow. Each year new trends emerge to enhance the development phase of new technologies. Here i am going to discuss some important key trends of Active Server Pages(ASP) technology.

Mobile Development- 

Declined by the windows based smartphones and tablets had nearly ended the enthusiasm for mobile development. But it’s 2017 and things have been changed and taken U-turns. New advancements and improvements in this. The core .net platform will be used to develop apps for not only just for Android but also for iOS platforms, and it is very useful for the new technology.

IoT & Big Data-

From the past few years, Internet of things (IoT) and Big Data gathered too much in trend. Big organizations are looking for large volumes of data to get an insight and make informed decisions in real time.In 2017, we will get to see more development as the platform helps businesses capitalize on the big data and IoT technology.This will help us to grow our business by achieving the desired goals.

Cloud Services- 

Cloud services have gained a lot of fame and it really takes no time to move your data and applications to the cloud. Microsoft has strongly marketed their Azure Cloud Service.Here’s it is now possible to create multi-tier .net applications which got MVC as front end and deploy it on the cloud. These applications will be using Azure SQL database, the Azure Blob service, and Azure Queue Service.This Cloud Server is very useful in the technology.

The Big Revamp-

Microsoft .Net Development has given us all a big surprise by announcing core 1.0 which is not any similar to 4.6 but a whole new framework. Well, it does contain same elements of we have been familiar with but on the other hand, it has become smaller and modular.



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