Barcode Technology


Generally Barcode is an automatic identification technology, bar code is a predefined format of dark bars and white spaces, and it is structured like that it contain a specific piece of information . It allows real-time data to be collected accurately and rapidly.The combination of barcode technology with computer and application software improves performance, productivity and profitability.

Barcode technology works of off a principle called symbology. Symbology at its basic form is what defines the barcode; it determines the mapping and interpretation of the encoded information or data. This encoding allows the scanning device to know when a digit or character starts and when it stops, similar to a binary representation. We recognize barcodes as an array of parallel lines alternating between white and black lines. Barcode technology provides a simple and inexpensive method of recording data or information in a number of applications.

The symbologies of the barcode technology can be arranged or mapped in a variety of ways. A continuous symbology is marked by the characters beginning with a black line and ending with a white line or space, while discreet symbologies have characters encoded as a black line a space and then another black line. This takes care of the characters and how each individual number or letter is read. The lines of a barcode also have variances in encoding the widths of the lines. Some barcode technology systems use two separate widths to determine the character while others use multiple width lines. The use of any of these encoding styles depends, of course, on the application for which the barcode technology is being used.

In order to read the data of barcode technology it needs to be scanned by a laser and then interpreted. The scanners, or lasers, used to read the barcodes measures the light reflected form the linear barcode technology and can distinguish between the white and black lines. Calibration of the laser and system needs to be done to ensure the proper interpretation of the code itself. This has to do with whether it is a continuous or discreet symbology, 1D or 2D images, and whether it uses two width or multiple width lines. The most common lasers used are helium neon lasers due to their low energy consumption and efficiency.



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