Central Pollution Control Board to move few Agra industries from white to green category


The local industrialists in Agra are looking forward to a report of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which is expected to bring some relief to the industries in Agra. The industrialists in Agra have been struggling for a long time now to move a few of Agra industries from ‘white’ to ‘green’ category.

The CPCB team had visited Agra at the request of the Agra industrialists and mentioned in its report that some industries could be given some relaxation, bringing them under the less restrictive green category. However, the notification has not been released yet by the environment ministry and is still under review.

Presently, most of the Agra industries are notified under the white category, which rules out setting up of any new industrial unit in the city. The white category also restricts businesses like hotels, restaurants etc from activities that could cause even slightest of pollution.In September 2016, Agra industries had been categorised under four categories – Red, Orange, Green and White.

The white is the most restrictive amongst of all other categories.Keeping Agra’s heavy pollution level in mind, the Supreme Court of India had declared the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) under the white category. The TTZ encompasses Agra, Firozabad and areas upto 50 km distance from Taj Mahal.

All the polluting factories in this zone were shut down in the year 2001, providing relief from the pollution order that saw many losing their jobs.The industries included into white category are of leather footwear, hotel, cold storage, foundry, packing industry etc. The categorisation also restricts the establishment of new units under these industrial sectors in the TTZ.



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