First Blockchain Project ‘Clear-Chain’ Technology


This Clear Chain technology is very useful and it provides visibility, enhances supply chain optimization, drives business results and keeps operations moving. It connect all parts of the supply chain. By creating data transparency and increased visibility, we can use data collection and analysis to make each link in the supply chain. Generally it maximize data security and this clear chain provides complete, accurate and timely data that connects people in the supply chain with the information needed to deliver powerful business results.

Clear Chain is the culmination of decades of industry experience and specific customer requests, resulting in a comprehensive solution designed to benefit customers in every industry.And to be very valuable, we must convert data into information that can cut through the clutter and help us quickly find what matters most,that level of data visibility drives customer service . The current version of Clear-Chain facilitates sharing of KYC data, investigation reports, suspicious transaction reports and cross border wire transfer reports.It also has a regulator node which provides regulators with granular access to Clear-Chain data.

Besides it is very clear that Clear-Chain, the consortium is working on other projects including syndication of loans, cross border payments, peer to peer payments, asset registry.Clear-Chain’s insights produce many benefits.The visibility allow users to improve the flow of inventory,boost customer service, optimize routes, sync deliveries with production schedules,mitigate supply chain disruptions and more.Clear-Chain bring everything and everyone together to optimize the supply chain, improve service and obtain value.The technology, coupled with the expertise associates bring to the table, leads to a robust collaboration of people and teams that helps we achieve results faster.

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