Google engineer details experimental Android app that delivers DSLR-like night shots


Smartphone photography has come a long way over the past few years. Modern smartphones come with powerful imaging sensors and dual-camera setups. But even though the cameras on some flagship smartphones can deliver photos that can be comparable to those from DSLR cameras, they still lack in low-light or night photography. But it seems like a Google Daydream, engineer has found a solution for it.

As per detailed in a Google Research lab , an experimental app that can be used to click night-time photos that have accurate colours and minimum noise, something that’s only possible with DSLR cameras as of now ,explains that once he shot an image at night using a professional DSLR camera, and was challenged by his team to take a photo of similar quality using a smartphone camera.

This prompted him to develop an app that could capture 64-burst mode shots in 2 seconds. The app also lets users manually control focus, exposure and ISO. It’s been added that 64-burst shots are merged algorithmically  to clean the image and get desired results.



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