Google Hummingbird Update


Google Hummingbird Update is Google’s new search algorithm that plays a significant role in deciding ranking of websites. It is made up of 200+ factors that can affect search results and website ranking. The biggest changes made in Hummingbird were capability to have a sharp eye on mobile marketing, which is not surprising at all given the explosion of the smart phones in recent years. The name ‘Hummingbird’ comes from its ability of being “Precise and Fast” and it is mainly designed to better focus on meaning of a phrase or keyword rather than individual keywords. Hummingbird looks at the entire phrase to decipher the meaning of that phrase. Google Hummingbird SEO updates aid pages matching the meaning do better in search results.Hummingbird places greater emphasis on page content making search results more relevant and pertinent and ensuring that Google delivers users to the most appropriate page of a website, rather than to a home page or top level page.

Google is attempting to make the web a better, more useful place. Slowly but surely, content mills, link wheels and similar black hat search-enhancing tactics are going away. For those of us that remember the days when a search often brought back results that took you to a page full of useless links, this is a big step in the direction of making the net what it was, somewhere you could do a little research and find out all kinds of fantastic facts without having to dig your way through a pile full of dross first.Of course, this has been happening for a few years now, Hummingbird isn’t an instant fix of all the things that have been wrong, it’s been slowly taking place for ages.

SEO new updates related to Hummingbird

  • Effectiveness of Long-tail keywords.
  • Application of meaning technology to billions of pages from across the web.
  • Use of Knowledge Graph facts to ensure better search results.
  • Easy recognition of Keyword stuffing.


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