Google I/O 2017: Android GO is a lighter OS for entry-level smartphones


Google announced a new project called ”Android Go”.Go is basically a light version of Android O with optimised apps and Play store with Android Go.Google is clearly focusing on low-end devices with limited internet connectivity.Generally we are excited about seeing more users come online for the first time as the price of entry level smart phones drop.Google explained on its blog,”and we want to help manufacturers continue to offer lower-cost devices that provide a great experience for these users.”In developing countries like India,Africa and Brazil,millions of users use Android devices,but it is suffer from high data charges that makes it difficult to access the web and services.Android Go is designed for the next billion.It supports smartphones with less than 1 GB memory.A budget Android smartphone can’t handle demanding apps,but with Android Go,the phone’s software to use less memory,storage space,and mobile data.

It’ will basically make apps a bit lighter-and Google Play Store will promote apps and games designed to run on low-end devices.Google is designing a number of its own apps to deliver the best experience on a low-end device,allows to preview videos before loading a heavy video,and you will be able to select a lower-streaming quality to conserve data.Google continues its efforts to expand the reach of Android OS into emerging markets.Back in 2014,Google had come with Android One to deliver low-end smartphones.Android Go,however is a different platform altogether.Google said the first Android Go smartphone will arrive in 2018.



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