Google Tweak Aims To Curb Fake, Misleading Search Results


Google announced changes in the internet searches, and the latest effort by the tech giant to weed out “fake news” and offensive content.And in this the new initiative tweaks to the algorithm used by Google to deliver search results, while it offering to the users with more options to flag inappropriate content, including for “autocomplete,” or the suggestions Google makes while someone is typing a search query.

Generally the most high profile of these issues in the phenomenon of ‘fake news’where content on the web has contributed to the spread of blatantly misleading, lowquality, offensive or downrigth false information.And the problem is totally different from issues in the past,but our goal remains the same which provide people with access to relevant information from the most reliable sources available.

Both Google and Facebook have taken steps in recent months to curb the spread of misinformation amid concerns.The latest effort is part of an ongoing process and include “real people who assess the quality of Google’s search results ” and provide feedback.The content that appears in these features is generated algorithmically and is a reflection of what people are searching for and what’s available on the web



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