Latest Trends In PHP(PERSONAL HOME PAGE ) In 2017


Now a days their is tough competition among programming languages. The PHP trends are driven by greater efficiency,increased customisation and ease of use.There are some latest trends in PHP-:

The language keeps getting better- PHP 7 has a lot of improvements, including faster code execution, memory usage optimization and new interoperability features. Since December, 2015, the version has been updated four times (with heavy focus on security). However, generally IT experts think the PHP 7 adoption rate will grow throughout 2016. It is already supported by WordPress, Magento and Symfony, so for this the forecast is more than realistic.

Flexible use of PHP in web development- We generally run an e-commerce website on WordPress & want to expand its functionality. Interoperability is one of the most famous web application development trends, developers can access any package or component of any PHP framework.

IoT solutions- The Internet of Things is a complex system which consists of 3 layers (smart gadgets, infrastructure and apps). Due to its dynamic nature and speedy coding, PHP is suitable for IoT infrastructure solutions. Recently the Watson IoT platform (IBM) allows developers to build apps that use GPS data. The Xively Internet of Things platform offers an easy-to-use PHP SDK(Software Development Kit).

Enterprise applications for startups and small businesses- As an enterprise gets bigger, it handles large amounts of data and has to compile the PHP-written code with Java and C++. With PHP, you can quickly build a minimum viable product to get your project off the ground. The language is open-source and less affected by web development trends. PHP developers have lower hourly rates.

Java and PHP-  from last ten years most of the business apps were written in PHP . In order to meet security requirements & high standards set by the industry, today businesses either rebuilt the whole enterprise software ecosystem with Java. Java solutions (like Quercus, a program implemented by the LiveProcess healthcare company) compile the old code and increase application productivity.

Outsourcing PHP development-By 2019, the Global IT outsourcing market will grow by almost 6%. While most US/EU enterprises outsource PHP development to reduce costs, the real advantage of working with offshore vendors is the access to a larger talent pool.This outsourcing PHP development is very useful in all aspects of Java.



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