Netscape is the general name for a series of web browsers formerly produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, now it is a subsidiary of AOL.And the original browser was once the dominant browser in terms of usage share, but as a result of the first browser war, and it lost virtually all of its share to Internet Explorer. The new Netscape browser takes a Firefox foundation, it take some sidebar innovations, and an inside track to the social-networking and news site to create a browser that has some great features with minimal wonkiness. The is a huge part of the new navigator, the share button inside the address bar connects us directly to

Netscape Communications was a computer services company best known for its Web browser, Navigator. Although Navigator was initially the predominant product in terms of usability and number of users,usability and number of user, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser took a significant lead in usage , due in large part to the decision to bundle the browser for free with the Windows 95 operating system. Microsoft’s investment of programming eventually resulted in a more stable browser over time than Netscape’s increasingly buggy, feature-laden version. Coupled with Microsoft’s bundling strategy and marketing efforts.

Netscape Communications is now part of America Online (AOL). AOL initially envisioned the Netscape Website as a Web portal, providing a source of revenue through advertisting and e-commerce. As part of the settlement, AOL gained the rights to use and distribute Internet Explorer.Generally the Navigator Web browser was part of Netscape’s Communicator package, which included a variety of additional internet utilities.Netscape began work on an open source version known as Mozilla.A web browser featuring simultaneous image loading and continuous document streaming speed performance.

In Netscape version 8.1, the Security Center feature is much more integrated into the browser, and extra features, such as ID Theft Protection and Spyware Protection have been integrated.Netscape includes a host of “widgets” designed to improve the browsing experience, including Local Weather information, Movie Times and reviews, Mapquest maps, Yellow pages, White pages, Stocks, and a City guide, all integrated into menu-enabled toolbar buttons.Furthermore, a webmail button is included in the toolbar, which links directly to multiple webmail homepages and is configurable for multiple webmail accounts. A button to run the user’s default mail client is included.There are multiple smaller features included, including a shortcut menu that appears when text is selected to paste the selected text directly into a search engine of choice.



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