PM Modi Wants Party To Hold Mock Parliaments To Identify Young Talent


Prime Minister ” Narendra Modi ” wants young talents to be the public faces of the BJP. Top party sources told Mail Today that at the recently concluded Bhubaneswar national executive meet, Modi suggested that the party to hold mock parliaments involving the youth to identify its spokespersons.

The state has become the symbol of a new frontier that the BJP has opened and which involves grabbing majority of Parliamentary seats in the states lining the Coromandel coast and the north-east in the 2019 general elections. Inside the closed-door meeting at Bhubaneswar, the PM said spokespersons for the party must be sited at mock parliaments at the district and state levels. He suggested, said sources, the winners of the exercise should be appointed in the exercise of defending the party and the ideology in front of the public.


Meanwhile, top sources at the Bhubaneswar meeting also told Mail Today that the PM has asked the Mahila Morcha  , the party’s women wing to launch district-level campaigns against the practice of triple talaq which would involve reaching out to the Muslim women and sharing their pain. Confirming that the PM did entrust the morcha for carrying out the campaigns, national president of the morcha Vijaya Rahatkar told Mail Today that work against triple talaq had already started.

“As the prime minister has expected us to carry on the work, we will. Moreover, we have already been working against the evil practice of triple talaq since last year when around 1,100 victims came to us pleading to save them. We had immediately forwarded their signed request to the Prime Minister’s Office. In the first week of the coming month, we are holding a conclave of Muslim women against triple talaq in Maharashtra where women from the community, including the victims, from all the districts will be attending. “Thereafter, we shall be holding such conclaves in the rest of the states one by one,” she said.

“Since last year, we have been silently but steadily reaching out to Muslim women and vice-versa. Muslim women are very hopeful that the BJP government and the prime minister will deliver them from this evil.” The campaign against the practice was one against a social evil and not a religious offensive against any religion. “We are doing this without any malice towards any religion. Our aim is to end this evil and not hurt any religious sentiment.”


“We shall be holding a seminar against the evil and discriminatory practice of triple talaq on the premises of the Supreme Court on April 24. It will be attended by such dignitaries as former judges of the apex court and intelligentsia from the Muslim community who will show the futility of the practice,” said Rajiv Ranjan, general secretary, RSS-affiliated Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS). Ranjan added that the choice of the venue was significant as it would create pressure on the court to adjudicate on the matter. “We are gathering public opinion to make it a point that the matter is cleared when the Constitutional bench sits over the matter. We are bringing victims of triple talaq to share the dais that day and narrate the horrific stories of their harrowing ordeals.



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