To complete with SEO,it’s essential to have the best tools at our fingertips enabling us to find new opportunities,save time and keep track of how our SEO can be boosted.We think that harnessing the insight available from tools isn’t just important for SEO specialists.for me there are six essential types of tools for managing SEO, so i thought it would be helpful to share my favourites in the categories.

KEYWORD ANALYSIS- Without keywords there is no such thing as SEO.Naturally, keywords guide search engine users to our site, meaning how popular our site is, depends greatly on how well we utilise them.Now over the past 5 years or so, achieving effective Keyword Analysis and Research has become an increasingly difficult thanks to Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner “hiding” data. However, it’s a pivotal method of finding hidden opportunities, increasing the traffic flowing to our site and of course showing off that all-important shiny new content we create.If we want to find a little more about Keyword Research we posted about how to avoid making mistakes with our Keyword Research.
Free – UBERSUGGEST (A free keyword suggestion tool that uses a variety of different suggest services to create a detailed list of keywords for you).

RANKING TOOLS- Knowing where our site currently ranks is also incredibly important. It allows us to track which of our online marketing strategies are working best, letting our focus similar our efforts across campaigns, maximising ROI and seeing our traffic (hopefully) skyrocket through the roof.These tools enable us to do so without hours and hours of monotonous wading through page after page of search results.
Free tool – GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE(Google’s very own suite of helpful tools to help users monitor the performance of their website. By using the “Search Traffic” tab then the “Search Analytics” tab, it will bring us up a list of keywords we currently ranking for. Following from this, sort by ranking position and target the keywords that are on page 2 of the search results, With a bit of SEO magic, we should see them creep up onto page 1).

CONTENT EFFECTIVENESS TOOLS- All SEO Ranking signals revolve around content of some kind” highlighting the impact good content has on our site.Coming up with fresh and unique ideas day in day out is incredibly hard, however necessary to keep our site not only relevant and engaging for our audience, but optimized for search engines. The tools below are will hopefully enable us to find new ideas and optimize our current content.
Free – OUTDATED CONTENT FINDER (The chaps over at Greenlane Search Marketing created a particularly useful tool if we’re struggling for content Ideas. Put in the search term we want to rank for, or just the general topic of content we want to write about. Put in the date parameters and have a read of some old content).

LINK BUILDING TOOLS- Although google says we shouldn’t be “link building”, it still stands that links are one of the greatest Ranking Factors today. Granted, methods of link building in the past have been incredibly manipulative, however, in my eyes, the likes of writing content on other sites is only beneficial to all involved. Provided the content is strong enough, one gets some lovely new content for their site, the other gets to raise awareness of their site or become a bit more of an authority on a subject matter.
Free- LINKMINER PLUGIN(Link Miner is the perfect tool for the Broken Link Building tactic. It’s fast and very easy to use and understand.

LINK REMOVAL TOOLS- Link Removal is hopefully something we will never have to go through. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for sites which have been hit with a penalty from Google’s Penguin algorithm. It can be incredibly time-consuming.
Free- DISAVOW TOOL(When Googles Disavow Tools was finally introduced, it was a long time coming. It basically highlights the sites to Google that you don’t want Linking to your site).

TECHNICAL SEO TOOLS- Being able to dig around on the ‘back-end’ of our site, getting to know how it functions and any issues with it is a pivotal step in reaching optimisation ‘Nirvana’. The tools below should help us in our quest to reach this mythical place.
Free- WOORANK PLUGIN (as technically it’s a freemium product. However, I’ve found it offers enough information to be useful as it’s free incarnation. It scrapes our site and tells us of any inefficiencies, even offering checklists to complete. A great tool to get an overview of our site and competitors).



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