Windows 10 to go more versatile with these features


Microsoft trying to make Windows 10 more versatile with a wave of new features for creating great memories, exploring virtual scenery and hopscotching from personal computers to mobile devices.The software “Fall Creators Update” that will be provided for free to 500 million personal computers, smartphones and tablets powered by Windows 10.The company didn’t specify when it will be available; a preview for early testers was released.The latest changes come on the heels of a free update that began to roll out last month.We are building Windows to be the platform that empowers everyone to create, Microsoft’s top Windows executive.Some of the upcoming latest tools represent another step in Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with two of its biggest rivals, Apple and Google. Along that vein, a new feature called “Story Remix” will automatically identify the best photos and videos to help people create highlights of their experiences.

Microsoft also is opening up Windows 10 so it works better with the smartphones and tablets running on Apple ‘s iOS and Google’s Android software. Generally a growing dependence on those mobile devices has reduced the role that Windows-powered PCs play in people’s lives,That shift to smartphones and tablets also is one of the reasons the next Windows 10 update will include a multi-faceted clipboard to let you copy text, images and other content on a PC and paste it on a phone, even iPhones and Android, as though the PC and phone were one. The tool is similar to what Apple already offers with Universal Clipboard in iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.Another upcoming feature will let you start working on a document on a Windows 10 PC.In another concession to the popularity of Apple’s products, “iTunes software”will be added to the Windows Store.This development will be particularly helpful for students using a streamlined version of Windows designed for classrooms,recently introduced version, Windows 10 S, can’t get apps directly from third parties such as Apple, as regular Windows 10 users can.




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